Ellen Pierson

Ellen Pierson

                             Who is Ellen Pierson? Age, child, husband, life story,

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Who is Ellen Pierson? Ellen Pierson is a well-known American woman and real estate agent. She first came to prominence in the late 1990’s when she fell in love with a well-known lawyer Robert Kardashian, the father of the world-famous Kardashian siblings. Since Robert’s death in September 2003, she made headlines after making several accusations against her husband’s famous family. This article looks at Ellen Pierson’s life story.

Who is Ellen Pierson?

Ellen Pierson
                Ellen Pierson

Pierson married Robert on his death bed, which led people to speculate she was only in it for the money. However, the least known Kardashian had a career of her own, and her net worth did not change much since her husband’s demise.

Ellen Pierson’s profile summary and bio

  • Complete name: Ellen Pierson
  • Year of birth: 1949
  • Mature: About 73 years
  • Identity: American
  • Orientation: Female
  • Conjugal status: Widowed
  • Companion: The late Robert Kardashian
  • Youngsters: Not known
  • Calling: Real home specialist, project lead
  • Known for: Being Robert Kardashian’s ex

    Ellen Pierson’s age and early life

Ellen Pierson’s birthday is not known, but various tabloids reveal that she was born in 1949 in the United States. Her age in 2022 is about 73 years. The celebrity wife is the least known Kardashian; therefore, details about her early life and family are not available.


  • Ellen Pierson’s Husband

Ellen Pierson’s husband name is Kardashian She first came to prominence in the late 1990’s when she fell in love with a well-known lawyer Robert Kardashian, the father of the world-famous Kardashian siblings.

  •   Ellen Pierson’s husband and children

The realtor is famous for being the last wife of celebrity attorney and businessman Robert Kardashian. The couple met in the late 1990s after the late Kardashian called it quits with Jan Ashley. He then proposed in 2001, and they tied the knot in August 2003 but did not spend a lot of time together since Robert succumbed to cancer on 30th September 2003.

The attorney was diagnosed with esophageal cancer in July 2003 and breathed his last two months later at 59. He was laid to rest at the Inglewood Park Cemetery in Inglewood, California. Kardashian and Pierson did not have any children together. Details about Ellen Pierson’s children prior to meeting Kardashian are not known.

  •   Ellen Pierson’s career

Pierson was working as a real estate agent when she met Robert Kardashian. She was also a professional sales manager and once worked at Western Title Resources in Carlsbad, California, as a Director of Sales. It is not clear what she is doing today.

  •   Ellen Pierson’s net worth

The realtor is said to have a net worth of about $1 million. Despite being called a gold digger for marrying the celebrity lawyer when he was almost dying, she did not get a lot of money from the short-lived marriage. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Robert had an approximate net worth of $30 million at the time of his death.

Ellen filed for bankruptcy in 2010. The home she shared with the late attorney in Indian Wells, California, was sold after going into foreclosure.

Ellen Pierson’s interview and feud with the Kardashians

Since the demise of the celebrity lawyer, she gained media attention for creating friction with the Kardashian family. In a 2012 interview with Star Magazine, she revealed that Khloe was not Robert’s biological daughter. The famous sisters accused her of making publicity stunts to gain fame and money.

  •   Ellen Pierson’s diary

The realtor garnered more media attention in 2013 when she decided to sell a paragraph from Robert’s diary to the tabloids. The late lawyer was fond of documenting things that happened in his life and that of his family.

In the excerpt that Ellen sold, the lawyer had written down about Kris’ affair with soccer athlete Todd Waterman. Robert detailed his ex-wife’s infidelity as well as neglect and abuse of their four kids. Kris Jenner took legal action against her for $500,000 and asked her to return the diary. The court ruled in Kris’ favor

                             How long was Ellen Pierson married to Robert  Kardashian?

The couple were married for only six weeks. They tied the knot in August 2003 after two years of engagement.

Ellen Pierson’s marriage to Robert Kardashian cannot be described as smooth. The two started dating soon after Kardashian made headlines for being part of the infamous OJ Simpson murder trial in 1995. Today, Ellen remains an outcast in the Kardashian clan following her public feud with the family since Robert’s death.

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