RCN 500 Mbps Internet Includes

  • RCN Home WIFI Download hurries up to 500 Mbps
  • Upload speeds up to 20 Mbps
  • RCN Webmail – as much as four e-mail money owed with five GB of storage space, calendar functionality, and web programs
  • FREE installation

Is There a Data Cap?

  • RCN 500 Mbps Internet gives unlimited records usage
  • No statistics limits imply no more worrying approximately overage expenses

Can I Use My Own Hardware?

  • RCN 500 Mbps Internet is well suited with most DOCSIS 3.1 cable modems
  • Save on month-to-month hardware condo charges whilst you operate your personal modem and/or wireless router!

Hardware Related Fees

RCN gives system this is curated to praise your 500 Mbps Internet plan, balancing connectivity, protection, and simplicity of use.

  • Standard WiFi plus Modem – $10.00 according to month
  • Enhanced Whole Home WiFi plus Modem -$19.Ninety five consistent with month
  • Enhanced Whole Home WiFi plus purchaser-owned Modem – $9.95 per month

Additional Fees

  • Account Activation Fee – $9.99 (One time rate)

Add-on Services

Internet Security

  • McAfee® PC Security Suite offers comprehensive prevention and elimination equipment for Trojans, viruses, worms, adware, and malicious programs – $3.Ninety five per month
  • McAfee® Total Protection consists of all of the capabilities in PC Security Suite, plus parental controls, device overall performance gear, home networking equipment, and more – $7.95 according to month
  • eeroPlus by using RCN offers security to your WiFi reference to advert blockading, VPN safety, and extra – $nine.Ninety nine in step with month

Static IP Address

  • One static IP deal with to your modem – $19.95 according to month

RCN Service Protection Plan

Get insurance for emergency maintenance to internet service associated wiring and equipment in your house – $four.Ninety five in line with month

Covers troubleshooting and restore for all troubles associated with:

  • Internet stores
  • Cable wiring
  • Cable connectors & splitters
  • Telephone wiring
  • Service prices and technician visit charges

RCN Service Guarantee

  • 30-Day money returned guarantee – If you are not completely satisfied along with your RCN 500 Mbps Internet service plan within 30 days of your set up date, RCN will refund your first month of charges
  • On time assure – We price your time. If your technician doesn’t arrive on time, RCN will provide you a $20.00 credit score in your invoice

RCN is a web, cable, and speak to carrier issuer primarily based in Princeton, New Jersey. Though RCN gives various bundling applications, its excessive-pace net-most effective plans make it a fantastic preference for wire cutters and budget-conscious customers. That stated, RCN’s offerings aren’t available national. In fact, RCN is only to be had in seven major cities and concrete districts.

Nonetheless, RCN provides a number of the best speeds and great promotional pricing of any net issuer in its network place. Moreover, all of RCN’s plans characteristic no records caps and no contracts. Below, we’ll take a more in-depth observe RCN, provide a breakdown in their prices, compare their excellent plans, and answer some of the maximum frequently requested questions on RCN internet.

RCN Logo

What to Expect from RCN

RCN’s plans and offerings range with the aid of area. As a end result, the metropolis in which you are living can impact plan availability and pricing. Currently, RCN offers internet plans in Boston, Chicago, Lehigh Valley, New York, Philadelphia, and the metro area of Washington, DC. RCN’s biggest competitors in those regions are Verizon Fios and Comcast’s Xfinity. While RCN and Xfinity provide subscribers in maximum in their respective networks the option between cable and fiber net, Verizon Fios only offers the latter.

In the beyond, RCN subscribers in Boston and Chicago did not have get admission to to plans with speeds more than 500 Mbps, while the maximum velocity for Lehigh Valley subscribers become just a hundred Mbps. However, as of October 2020, RCN is imparting plan hastens to 940 Mbps across all of its networks. Promotional costs variety from $19.Ninety nine to $49.99 for the first yr of carrier, with speeds ranging from 25 Mbps to 940 Mbps.

RCN Internet Speed BreakdownRCN Internet Speed Breakdown

In addition to variations in net plan velocity options, plan capabilities also range by way of location. For instance, a few plans in Chicago and DC Metro provide a $a hundred present card upon signing up. In Philadelphia, all new subscribers get their first month of provider free of charge, at the same time as New York subscribers get their first three months of carrier totally free.

All RCN internet plans come with one loose month of Eero Enhanced Home WiFi. The Eero tool will make bigger your WiFi signal, permitting you to have a stronger signal all through your complete residence or rental. However, if you want to preserve Eero’s carrier after the first month, the provider will price an additional $nine.95 in step with month.

Some plans also include a unfastened month of Sonos Whole Home Audio. Sonos gives you the capacity to installation audio in different rooms of your home. This manner, you may maintain taking note of music, podcasts, or different enjoyment in each room wherein it is installation. Just like Eero Enhanced Home WiFi, the Sonos upload-on requires extra payments of $five.99 a month after the first month.

A Breakdown of RCN’s Plan and Pricing

RCN’s internet-most effective plans value among $19.99-49.99 in keeping with month, now not which include equipment and additional expenses.

PlanPriceSpeedPrice Per MbpsRCN 25$19.99Up to twenty-five Mbps~$zero.80 in step with MbpsRCN a hundred$29.99-$34.99Up to a hundred Mbps~$zero.30-$0.35 per MbpsRCN 250$29.Ninety nine-$49.99Up to 250 Mbps~$zero.12-$zero.20 in step with MbpsRCN 500$44.Ninety nine-$forty nine.99Up to 500 Mbps~$0.09-$0.10 consistent with MbpsRCN 940$forty nine.99-$fifty nine.99Up to 940 Mbps~$0.05-$0.06 in keeping with Mbps

Based on your vicinity and plan type, your RCN net-simplest top class could variety from approximately $zero.05 to $zero.80 according to Mbps. For RCN’s quickest plan, the rates are the most competitive at $zero.05-$zero.06 per Mbps. RCN’s largest competition, Verizon Fios and Xfinity, offer comparable plans at about $zero.08 and $0.09, respectively.

However, there are two vital factors to don’t forget while comparing those fees. First, RCN best advertises its promotional expenses. After the first 12 months of provider, you’ll nearly certainly see an increase to your month-to-month premiums. Second, your rates will vary substantially by means of place. Check out our evaluate of RCN net to look how lots each plan costs in the cities RCN services.

In addition to the monthly charges, RCN’s internet-best plans additionally charge a $forty nine.99 set up charge. However, you may waive this charge with the aid of self-installing the equipment. RCN additionally expenses a monthly rate of $10 to rent a modem. This fee is similar to what most different internet companies rate. Fortunately, you may keep away from this rate way to RCN’s “Bring Your Own Modem” carrier, though you may want to ensure that your modem is well matched with RCN internet carrier. Since none of RCN’s plans require a agreement, there aren’t any early termination costs (ETFs).

Why Choose RCN?

RCN net is ideal for:

  • People who don’t want to decide to a company
  • People who need to bundle offerings
  • Households streaming on multiple devices
  • Budget-aware subscribers
  • Online game enthusiasts

Now that RCN has multiplied its RCN 940 plan to all of its networks, its fastest and cheapest plan (consistent with Mbps) is extra available than ever. However, those who are seeking to stay with a company for extra than a yr might choose certainly one of RCN’s competition, as RCN’s promotional charges best ultimate for the primary yr.

Since RCN is likewise a cable tv and speak to provider issuer, it has a number of less expensive bundling options. This makes RCN perfect for folks that want to consolidate their cellphone, TV, and net plans into one monthly invoice. In truth, a lot of RCN’s bundling options are the same charge as their respective internet-best plans, making bundling a clever choice. Keep an eye out for special transient RCN internet deals, too.

Our RCN Internet Recommendations

For an Internet-Only Plan…

If you need an internet-handiest plan, the RCN 940 is the best plan via far. Not handiest does it provide the quickest speeds, but it additionally affords the quality value in step with Mbps. It’s uncommon to find a cable internet provider supplying gigabit speeds for less than $60 a month.

For a Bundle Plan… RCN Home WIFI

RCN simplest offers two TV plans. I advise bundling with their Signature TV plan to get the maximum channels you could. RCN’s bundles are quite high-priced, round $122 a month, but well worth it if your a sports fan or your family’s favourite channels span a wide variety.

Company Summary

RCN has been around as a cable and contact company given that 1993. In the mid-Nineteen Nineties, RCN acquired C-TEC, expanding its phone provider network. Over the years, they’ve become referred to as one of the most famous cable television and get in touch with providers inside the northeastern United States. Later, RCN became its sights to cable internet and, in the end, fiber internet.

However, as recently as 2019, RCN’s pricing structure and plan availability had been perplexing. Many cities did no longer have get right of entry to to quicker plans, at the same time as the charge in line with Mbps various extensively based on a subscriber’s place. Fortunately, RCN has due to the fact simplified its pricing shape and made its exceptional plan (RCN 940) to be had in all seven of its primary community places.

  • The GoodThe BadGreat net-handiest promotional costs
  • Competitive pricing
  • No facts caps
  • No contracts
  • Only to be had in pick places for the duration of the northeast U.S.
  • Free Eeros and Sonos trial intervals handiest last for one month
  • Subject to price increases after the promotional duration
  • Plans can vary by way of region

Frequently Asked Questions About RCN

  • How to cancel RCN?
  • You can cancel your RCN subscription at any time via your on line RCN account or by using calling RCN customer support. In addition to paying any balances last for your account, you will need to go back any RCN device through mail or in individual at your local RCN place.
  • How to change RCN net plans
  • Much like beginning a cancellation, you could transfer to a new RCN internet plan at any time. You can accomplish that via your RCN online account or with the aid of calling RCN customer service. However, you’ll want to pay for the modern month of your existing plan — as well as any pending expenses — earlier than you can make the transfer.
  • How a lot is the same old RCN net rate?
  • Unfortunately, RCN is not very transparent regarding its widespread fees. It best advertises its promotional rates. However, you can expect your monthly charges to increase after the primary year of carrier.


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