What is an insurance stamp

What is an insurance stamp?

  • What is an insurance stamp? Flood Insurance Study way an exam, evaluation and resolution of flood dangers and, if suitable, the corresponding water floor elevations or an exam, evaluation and backbone of mudslide (i.E., mudflow) and /or flood related erosion risks.

Insurance service: What is an insurance stamp

  • Insurance service way any inventory corporation, mutual agency, or reciprocal or interinsurance trade legal to write or carry on the enterprise of workers’ reimbursement coverage in this state, and consists of an man or woman very own danger corporation or group self-coverage affiliation duly authorized by using the Commission to self fund its people’ repayment responsibilities.
  • Insurance score method more than a few or score that is derived from an set of rules, computer utility, model, or different manner this is based totally in whole or in component on credit statistics for the functions of predicting the destiny coverage loss publicity of a purchaser.
  • Insurance Regulator approach any Person charged with the management, oversight or enforcement of any Insurance Regulation.
  • Flood Insurance Study (FIS means an examination, assessment, and determination of flood hazards, corresponding water floor elevations (if suitable), flood threat hazard zones, and other flood statistics in a community issued by way of the FEMA. The Flood Insurance Study document consists of Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMs) and Flood Boundary and Floodway Maps (FBFMs), if posted.

Insurance Rent : What is an insurance stamp

  • Insurance Rent the combination in every yr of the gross cost of the premium before any bargain or commission for the insurance of:
  • Insurance Contract manner a contract (apart from an Annuity Contract) underneath which the company is of the same opinion to pay an quantity upon the occurrence of a distinctive contingency involving mortality, morbidity, accident, liability, or belongings threat.
  • Insurance Report manner an insurance file in recognize of the Insurances confirming that such Insurances are positioned with such insurers, insurance groups and/or clubs in such amounts, towards such risks and in such form as perfect to the Agent (acting on the instructions from the Finance Parties) and comply with the necessities beneath Clause 26.Three (Insurance) and the GIEK Guarantee prepared with the aid of Bank Assure Insurance Services Inc., or such other respectable insurance guide accredited by way of the Agent, and dated on or approximately the date of this Agreement and addressed to, and capable of being relied upon by way of, the Finance Parties.

Standard Hazard Insurance Policy

  • Standard Hazard Insurance Policy way a fire and casualty prolonged coverage insurance coverage in such amount and with such coverage as required by way of this Agreement.
  • Insurance method (i) all insurance guidelines masking any or all of the Collateral (irrespective of whether or not the Collateral Agent is the loss payee thereof) and (ii) any key guy lifestyles insurance policies.
  • Health-care-coverage receivable method an interest in or claim underneath a coverage of coverage which is a proper to payment of a economic responsibility for fitness-care items or services supplied.
  • Hazard Insurance A hearth and casualty extended insurance coverage coverage insuring against loss or harm from hearth and different perils blanketed within the scope of widespread extended threat coverage naming the Servicer, its successors and assigns, as a mortgagee underneath a fashionable mortgagee clause, collectively with all riders and endorsements thereto.
  • FHA Mortgage Insurance Contract way the contractual duty of the FHA respecting the coverage of a Mortgage Loan.
  • Underlying coverage manner the DESIGNATED UNDERLYING POLICY and all insurances affording expert legal responsibility coverage coverage to any INSURED hereunder that are taken into consideration to be number one to this coverage, inclusive of with out hassle, this kind of mandatory coverage insurance afforded any INSURED by any law society or different application, and this kind of non-obligatory insurances purchased as coverage or primary to (under) this POLICY insurance, but in no case shall include any coverage specially obtained and stated to be in extra of this POLICY. Signed on behalf of Lawyers’ Professional Indemnity CompanyDaniel E. PinningtonDaniel E. PinningtonPresident and Chief Executive Officer Endorsement No . 1pollutIon exClusIonThis POLICY, subject to all its terms and situations no longer in conflict with this endorsement, and in addition to Part III Exclusion (g), shall include the subsequent:This coverage does not apply to:(a) harm bobbing up out of the actual, alleged or threatened discharge, seepage, dispersal, release or escape of pollutants:
  • Hazard Insurance Policy way, with appreciate to each Contract, the coverage of fire and extended coverage coverage (and federal flood insurance, if the Manufactured Home is secured through an FHA/VA Contract and such Manufactured Home is positioned in a federally designated special flood vicinity) required to be maintained for the associated Manufactured Home, as provided in Section five.09, and which, as furnished in said Section 5.09, can be a blanket loan impairment coverage maintained through the Servicer in accordance with the phrases and conditions of stated Section 5.09.
  • Insurance Contracts way all contracts and regulations of insurance and re-coverage maintained or required to be maintained by using or on behalf of any Grantor underneath the Loan Documents.
  • FHA Insurance The contractual responsibility of FHA respecting the coverage of an FHA Loan pursuant to the National Housing Act, as amended.
  • Franchise coverage means an character insurance coverage supplied thru a mass advertising and marketing association concerning a described magnificence of men and women related in some way aside from via the acquisition of coverage.
  • Insurance Program or “program” shall imply a software of the Authority under which collaborating members are covered against detailed losses, either thru joint buy of number one or excess insurance, pooling of self-insured claims or losses, purchased coverage or every other combination as determined through the Board. The Board of Directors or the Executive Committee may also determine applicable criteria for determining eligibility in any insurance software, as well as setting up program guidelines and strategies.
  • coverage business means one or more elements of the business of promoting, issuing or underwriting coverage or reinsurance.
  • Out-of-State Automobile Insurance Coverage or “OSAIC” manner any coverage for clinical prices underneath an vehicle coverage policy apart from PIP. OSAIC consists of vehicle coverage regulations issued in every other kingdom or jurisdiction.
  • Insurance Consultant or “consultant” manner someone who:
  • Long-time period care coverage means any coverage coverage or rider basically marketed, advertised, presented, or designed to provide coverage for not much less than twelve consecutive months for every protected person on an cost incurred, indemnity, prepaid, or other basis, for one or more important or medically necessary diagnostic, preventive, healing, rehabilitative, renovation, or private care services provided in a putting other than an acute care unit of a hospital. The time period includes organization and individual annuities and existence coverage policies or riders, whether or not issued through insurers, fraternal benefit societies, nonprofit health service groups, prepaid health plans, fitness protection groups, or any similar entity, which provide directly or which supplement long-time period care insurance. The term also consists of domestic health care kind insurance policies or riders which offer at once or which supplement long-term care insurance; and includes a coverage or rider which affords for price of advantages based upon cognitive impairment or the loss of practical capacity. The term consists of certified long-term care coverage contracts. The term consists of lengthy-term care insurance merchandise issued by insurers; fraternal gain societies; nonprofit fitness, medical institution, and scientific provider organizations; prepaid fitness plans; health preservation companies; or a comparable business enterprise to the extent that the company is otherwise authorized to issue existence or medical insurance. The time period does not include any insurance policy this is presented in the main to provide fundamental Medicare supplement insurance, primary sanatorium expense insurance, fundamental clinical-surgical charges insurance, clinic confinement indemnity coverage, essential scientific expense
  • Unemployment Insurance manner the contribution required of Vendor, as an company, in admire of, and measured by means of, the wages of its employees (or subcontractors) as required by way of any applicable federal, kingdom or neighborhood unemployment insurance regulation or law.
  • Insurance Advisor approach Aon Risk Services and any substitute thereof appointed by the Required Secured Parties and, if no Event of Default shall then be happening, after consultation with the Borrower.

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